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Unseen Casualties: The Urgency to Support the Forgotten – Orphan Children

Throughout history, wars, natural disasters, pandemics, and socio-economic crises have inadvertently produced some of the most vulnerable victims – orphan children. Although the world continually moves forward, the plight of orphaned children often lingers in the shadows, unseen and unaddressed. This article seeks to draw attention to the urgent need for increased support for this sensitive group, especially in the wake of the most recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the conflicts in Syria and Yemen, and the socio-political turmoil in Myanmar.

Firstly, let us consider the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which, as per a study published in The Lancet in July 2021, has left more than a million children orphaned. The death of a parent or both is not only a profound emotional shock but also often ushers children into a world of uncertainty, instability, and at times, utter despair. The pandemic has not only stripped many children of their loved ones but also of their advocates, plunging them into deep social and economic vulnerabilities. Orphans are frequently faced with the harsh realities of poverty, malnutrition, and lack of access to education and health care.

Moreover, the wars in Syria and Yemen continue to wreak havoc on the lives of countless families, children included. As reported by UNICEF, an estimated 12 million children in Yemen and over 5 million in Syria are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Many of these children have lost one or both parents to the ongoing conflicts and are forced to navigate through their disrupted childhoods, with little to no support systems in place. These children not only require necessities such as food and shelter but also psychological support to help them cope with the traumas of war.

The socio-political crisis in Myanmar, following the military coup in February 2021, has also contributed to the rising number of orphans. Numerous families have been torn apart as a result of violence, arrests, and deaths. According to reports from humanitarian groups like Save the Children, many children have found themselves alone and vulnerable, desperately needing protection and support.

So, why is there a compelling need to support orphan children? These children represent a fragment of society that, if neglected, will yield long-term negative consequences not just for them, but for the broader society as well

  1. Immediate Needs: Orphaned children often lack basic necessities. They might be without proper nutrition, shelter, and clothing. By supporting them, we ensure that their fundamental rights and needs are met, which is the foundation for any individual’s growth and development.
  2. Education: Education is a critical tool for breaking the cycle of poverty. Many orphans, stripped of their parental support, find it incredibly challenging to continue their education. Support systems can help ensure that these children go back to school and receive the education they deserve.
  3. Psychological and Emotional Well-being: The loss of a parent or both can be traumatic. Mental health support and counselling become essential for helping orphaned children process their grief and trauma. It also aids in building their resilience in the face of adverse circumstances.
  4. Preventing Exploitation: Orphaned children are at high risk of exploitation, be it labor, trafficking, or other forms. By ensuring that these children have a protective and supportive environment, we can safeguard them from such dangers.
  5. Long-term Society Benefits: Investing in the lives of orphaned children can lead to the development of healthier, more educated individuals who can contribute positively to society. The cycle of poverty and deprivation can be broken, leading to societal advancements and lower social evil

Supporting orphaned children is not merely an act of charity; it is an investment in the future of our global society. It requires collaborative efforts from governments, NGOs, and individuals alike. Every child deserves a fair chance at life, and by coming forward to support these unprotected children, we take significant steps towards building a more compassionate and equitable world. Let us not allow these children to become the unseen casualties of adverse events but instead, embrace them as integral members of our global family with full rights and potential.

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