Are we doing all we can?

Do you work with young people? Perhaps you lead a youth group, a sports team or a drama troupe? Perhaps you coordinate support groups, are a mentor, or work with peer educators? Perhaps you are a teacher or professor at a high school, vocational school or college. Maybe you are a dormitory resident assistant, or in charge of student affairs.

Or perhaps you simply have teens in your life whom you care about. Most of us do. And if you have found your way here, we already know that you would like to help these exciting young people pass safely through the turbulent adolescent years and get excited about their futures.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if young people got so excited about their futures that they began making better decisions about nutrition, contraceptives, money management and relationships? Wouldn’t it be great if they established great habits and entered adulthood filled with hope and fueled by realistic goals?

The Brighter Future life planning journey achieves just that. The program approaches young people's concerns holistically. It covers values, vision, career, relationships, health and finance, and provokes thinking about how these things interact. It challenges young people to set goals in service to their values and define immediate actions they can take towards reaching them in a way that is fun, frank and sexy. It’s serious work, and seriously fun.

At Kenyan universities, where the program was developed in partnership with an amazing group of young people, Life Planning has gone viral and it’s transforming lives (see the proof, here).

The Brighter Future approach inspires deep commitment and motivation among young people, and is really easy to start. You don’t need any special training to be a TurnKey life-plan leader. You just need to be ready to have a real conversation with young people. Access to a color printer could help too, but it’s not necessary. Get started now!



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